The Band

The Vooz are a ‘veracious energy driven explosion of full flash from Marlborough’(Green Man Music 2010) who have fused the genres of punk rock and modern indie music with exciting results. They have been described as ‘exciting’(The Ocelot 2010), ‘innovative’(Amazing Radio 2011) and with a brilliant sense of rhythm and songs that sound like you are driving a car down the fast lane.The members of the band have toured and played with a number of famous artists such as: 999, The Lurkers, The Vibrators, Julian Cope, Guthrie Govan (Asia, Dizzy Rascal), The Dacoits and The Quails. This level of experience has given the band the ability to perform excellent live shows as well as creating alternative music with flair!!

Lee Matthews
A travelling minstrel born under the big top and no stranger to the dodgems. Now combining a fairground lifestyle with his love of singing in the shower.

Scott Guanieri
His musical pedigree comes from his family’s history in Italian violin making. Where his obsession with chainsaws comes from is anyone’s guess.

Robin Dymond
A child protégé of the bagpipes due to his Macbeth Clan ancestry, Rob transferred his musical prowess to the guitar after an unfortunate kilt related incident. He likes haggis.

Dan Tozer
Recruited to provide rhythmic perfection and experience. His time in the band is regularly punctuated by cries of “Not like that, like this!” and, “Make mine a double!” Consequently, he is now referred to as “Sir” or “The Jagermiester”.

Steve Schofield

A former member of the Evil Warriors, who left due to musical differences between himself and Beast Man. After leaving Greyskull Steve became an honorary French Ambassador running from le petit maison. Unfortunately after leaving the EU France no longer wished to repair his home, so he joined The Vooz instead.

Ex Members

Roger Hill
Bass player and professional gambler. Our newest recruit chosen for his digital dexterity and his travelling personal fan club. His skill with the cards is somewhat eclipsed by his speed on the fretboard, a trait which has endeared him to the girls who have nicknamed him “The Ladies Friend”.
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